True Ladder Line
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600 Ohm Ladder Line feeding a 160 meter doublet at 75 feet.

W5TM's Two 5/8th waves in phase on 80 meters at 125 Feet
Ladder Line hanging down from the center

Ladder Line run from ground support near the tower
over a fence line, about 6 feet off the ground.

We are often asked how do you support the Ladder Line on horizontal
runs above the ground and bring it into the Radio room or Ham Shack.
Below are examples on how K5JYB conquered these two problems.

"T" Post is made of PVC pipe supporting a PVC "T", the material is 1/2" ID.
The vertical portion is supported by the fence. Note that the Ladder Line Spacer is
placed inside the PVC "T" and held in place with electrical black plastic tape.

Here K5JYB has used Radio Shack "Wall-thru Coax Lead-in Tubes" (Radio Shack no longer sells these)

Close up photos of Ladder line Spacer, Center and End insulators

Close up showing Center Insulator, one Spacer and wire.
Note there are no splices, wire is one continuous piece
from Ladder Line to Doublet.

Ladder Line spacer
Right hand photo shows the end of the spacer,
and our unique means of securing the wire to the spacer.

Center Insulator

End Insulator

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